Technology Requirements for Remote Testing

Preparing Your Browser 

Emet Global Education and 5-Fold National Certification Board recommendation to our students is to prepare for your examination at least 24 hours before your exam date. To better help you prepare for the best testing experience, we suggest that you download one of the following browsers to your PC. For Mac computers, Safari is the best option. Other browsers to consider for windows computers are the latest versions of Google Chrome and Firefox. 

Time to Prepare Your Device:

Chromebook, Tablets and Phones Cannot be used to take exam

***Emet Global Education and 5-Fold National Certification Board do not approve the use of mobile devices for testing.  

  • Close all applications that could draw attention away from the testing window (Antivirus scans, System Updates, etc.). 
  • Run a network speed test at from the testing location to ensure bandwidth is sufficient. 
  • Android’s default browser is not supported; download chrome for a better experience. 
  • JavaScript and cookies must both be enabled within the browser. 
  • Clear browsing history and exit the browser prior to any testing. 
  • EGEG and 5-Fold National Certification Board recommend using wired network connections for proctored testing. Wireless/Wi-fi connections may be unreliable and could negatively affect testing. 

The suggested device and operating systems are: 

PC       with Window OS 7,8,8.1,10 or later,  

MAC OS 10.9 or later   MAC 

 iOS 9 or later     iPad 2 or later 

 Chrome OS device (such as Chromebook)    Chrome OS 78 or later