Certification Renewal

While renewing of certification is an optional feature, the benefits are critical to maintaining credability, refreshing your knowledge, updating your resources and gaining continuing education units

Optional Renewal

What are the benefits?

Renewing your certification demonstrate to your ministry, members, and other partners that you are always investing in your spiritual growth and improvement as a servant in the Kingdom of God. Renewal will give you a 5-month pass to access refresher literature, videos, webinars, live online events, and Continuing Education Units relating to your certification.

What’s included

You will also receive a new certification certificate along with a replacement wallet card, brandishing the seal for your new level and the upgraded authorization seal for that level to be displayed on your website and printed documents. You will also receive a pin and metal acknowledging your newest certification achievement. Certification Holders will have the ability to renew their certification at each yearly maker based on the needs of their ministry, growth, and changes within their field, rules, regulations, and divine revelations based on season and time.

What is the next step?

There are 7 renewal levels for each certification Certification. A certified member of the 5-Fold Nation Certification Board can renew their certification on or after their annual certification anniversary.

If you have your certification for at least one year and you are seeking renewal, you are able to complete the registration process online. Candidates are required to complete the registration form, and pay for their renewals to gain access to the exam.


The cost associated with each renewal including all the things mentioned above is:

  • For single certification renewal, it is $149.00 per certification.
  • If you are renewing 3 series of certification it is $359.00
  • If you are renewing 5 series of certification it is $657.00