Certification Reinstatement


Certified members can have their certification revoked for unethical reasons. Certification can be revoked if the certification holders for any reason fall within the premise of the below list. The list does not provide the full scope of reasons for revocation but should be used as a guide to help you understand the standard reason for revoking certification.

  • Falsification of information on original application and registration for certification
  • Providing false or ineligible documents at any time to 5-FNCB to prove eligibility or identity.
  • Failure to comply with steps to provide evidence of compliance with a compliant or infraction against certification to prevent revocation of certification
  • Failure to maintain the required professional licensure governing authority over the field you are certified.
  • Failure to comply with the policies, procedures, and standards of practice in an area in which certification is held
  • Failure or refusal to respond to or comply with 5-FNCB written request for certification worthiness.
  • Identifying any form of cheating on an examination, test, assessment, or practice test of any kind provided by 5-FNCB.
  • Helping others to cheat on an examination, test, assessment, or practice test of any kind provided by 5-FNCB.
  • Behaving or participating in any manner during an exam that is against exam rules and policies that may cause exam interruption, misconduct, or any type of exam irregularity.
  • Provide aid to another individual to dishonestly obtain initial certification or to renew or reactivate certification provided by 5-FNCB
  • Behave in an unbecoming way that goes against biblical truth and ministry profession or the ministry profession in which you are is certified.
  • or assisting others to cheat; including but not limited to reproducing, distributing, or discussing by any means examination items/questions or content; acquiring by memorization and recollection from testing or by any other means and/or knowingly using or acquiring materials containing such content.


If your certification has been revoked and you are seeking reinstatement you are able to complete the registration process online.

If your certification was revoked temporarily, you will need to sit a Certification Good Standing Assessment additionally.

You will complete the required registration form, pay for their reinstatement and lastly sit the Certification Good Standing Assessment.

Candidates with Permanent Revocation are not able to reinstate or hold a certification with the 5-Fold National Certification Board in any area permanently.

Please allow 2-3 Business days from the time of registration and payment to gain access to the Certification Good Standing Assessment.

For your assessment please be ready to upload POS (Proof of Satisfaction) that demonstrates the reason for revocation has been satisfied.