Application Process

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As we are excited to have you as a part of the Emet Global family of certified ministry professionals!, we would like to preemptively Welcome you to our distinguished institution, where teaching Emet is teaching truth.  

You should know that we strive to be innovative in the certification expertise that we offer, and our goal is to make the application and registration as seamless as possible for our students and candidates with a simple 4-Step Process.  

Step 1: Education and Experiential Eligibility

To make this process seamless, you are required to upload the following documents during this step so please take pictures of them and have them ready:

  • Complete and Sign Online Application
  • Provide a Copy of Your Government ID
  • Provide Proof of the following ministry education (see the list of types of qualifying proof)
    • Seminary school certificate
    • Proof of graduation or 10 credits acquired from a faith-based program in the area of the desired certification
    • Proof of at least 1 year of vocation in ministry supporting and correlating to the area of the desired certification
    • A candidate for certification is someone having at least 3 of the following: ​
    • Prior experience in the desired area of certification​
    • Training in the desired area of certification from an institution recognized as a church or faith-based organization by their State governing body ​
    • Graduated from an accredited faith-based intuition ​
    • *5FNCB Practice Test qualifying passing score (75%)

Step 2: Certification Discovery Assessment:

Let’s Have Some Fun!!! Our Spiritual Discovery Assessment is a great tool to give confirmation and bring clarity on the best possible options to take in getting certified. This also helps to encourage you on what area of your spiritual life to nurture.

  • Are you someone with multiple gifts, do you feel that God uses you in a lot of ways and you are sometimes everywhere all at once?
  • or maybe you just want to know what spiritual gifts, anointing, assignments or calling is on your life?
  • Are you the person who knows exactly where they are called but is not sure what powers or gifts you flow in?
  • Have you been telling someone you have a call in a certain office but they don’t agree and you need proof?

Step 3: The Registration and Application Process:

Your registration process starts during the application You will need to complete our 4 part application where we capture your information and all the data we would need to determine your eligibility to become certified. You can start this process by clicking the “Let’s Get Started” Have you already been awarded registration eligibility and just need to register for another certification exam or change the one on your application? Click the “Additional Cert Registration” button below.

Step 4: Certification Discovery and Evaluation:

Great news! Your evaluation and qualification are done during your registration phase, no need to wait for anyone to call you back to submit all the information you need. To prevent you from going through a painless amount of steps, we utilize this moment to capture the information that we need during the application and registration process, as we know you are anticipating your approval to sit the exam. During this process, you will complete the registration and tell us what certification you are interested in achieving. An evaluation is completed and based on everything that we have discovered, we will evaluate and make a decision if you are eligible to take the certification exam. this process generally takes around two business days from the time we receive all your required documents.

You will receive a welcome email within 24 hours of approval with your log-in credentials and instruction to make your payment. Payment for your certification is due immediately and you must log in to your portal to review the invoice and pay.