Ministry Administrative Certification

National Certification

This certification is for those individuals who take pride in demonstrating their commitment and passion for the church. The goal of getting acquiring this certification is to certify that you have advanced knowledge and experience in the administrative functions of a ministry, non-profit, and any religious organization.

Upon receiving a passing score on the practice exam, will be ready to sit for the (5-Fold National Certification Board) Students will be able to sit for the MAC-AD Exam (can take series 1 thru 5). Students who receive a passing score will become 5-Fold Certified Ministry Administrative Professional®  to become Ministry Administrative CertifiedMAC-AD-S-1

Certification Cost

Certification Certification TypeCost
5 Fold National CertificationCertified Ministry Administrative Professional MAC-AD-S-1Certification Series 1$388.99
5 Fold National CertificationCertified Ministry Administrative Professional MAD-AD-S-3Certification Series 3$768.88
5 Fold National CertificationCertified Ministry Administrative Professional MAD-AD-S-5Certification Series 5$1,244.80
All single certification cost only Includes Exam costs, practice tests, study guide, certification conferred and mailed with wallet size certificate, and application fees. For the series certification only application fees, exam cost, study guide, and practice exam fees for all series have been included. No Certification conferred fees have been added until you decide which certification you need to be mailed out.

Upon completion of the exam and receiving a passing score of 80% or greater, candidates are eligible to receive the following:

  • Certification Conferral Eligibility and Verification 5FC1000  
  • Certification Preparation and Distribution 5FC1000 
  • Life-Time Certification Verification and Validation 5FC1000 
  • 5-Fold Certification Wallet Card and Seal Authorization 5FC1000 


Students who have taken a 3 or 5-series exam, can walk across the stage during our annual graduation convocation. TBD

Career Development

All certification holders are eligible to receive the following optional services with no additional charge to assist with their vocational development.

  • Introduction to Experiential Learning 5FC1000 
  • Fundamentals of Attracting Employers 5FC1000 
  • Developing Experiential Skills 5FC1000 
  • Methods for Developing and Landing a Career 5FC1000 

Career Field

This certification is ideal for someone who specializes in an administrative vocation within a faith-based ministry or faith-based non-profit organization and needs to demonstrate expertise in the area of administrative experience or knowledge and biblical application administratively. This certification is also a strong fit for someone seeking to be credentialed in the administrative field to work in an administrative capacity at a church, faith-based school, daycare, or organization.

Education Advancement

Upon attaining certification, candidates can enroll in degree programs within 30 days and use their results to test out of courses to Fastrack completion and lower tuition cost. The enrollment must be within the first 30 days of being certified and candidates must start classes within the first 60 days after achieving certification.

Program Length and Credits

  • Self-Pace Time Allotted 4-5 Months
  • Certification Awarded Credits- 3