Certified Usher!

Do you feel you have a annointing to make others feel uplifted and welcome in the body of Christ?

Are you passionate about serving others in ministry? Then certify your calling and your knowledge of servitude. Take the 5-Fold National Certification Exam for Ushers. Most churches are struggling to maintain a team of faithful, anointed bond servant ushers. There is a huge gap to fill but most anointed ushers are confused about their role and so are their leaders. Some accept the role of ushering because they feel they are helping out. Unfortunately, this is not a role that is driven by a mere desire to help but a role that someone is anointed and equipped to take on.

Ushers are more than just a person that helps you to your seat.

While ushers are those with a helping heart and a lot of duties around the concept of help and support leadership, they are far from being responsible for just helping. An usher is the first point of spiritual contact when anyone enters the house of the Lord. They are the gatekeeper of the house, spiritually responsible for what enters, what stays, and what leaves. They are the ones who set the initial temperature in the house. How people feel after they enter the doors will be gauged by the anointing the ushers have on their life and their knowledge of their role and purpose.


Ushers are vital to the success of the ministry, setting the temperature most often for how visitors feel about the atmosphere. Ushers have a high influence on returning visitors, they are also the first ones to encounter spirits, diseases, and sicknesses and must have a divine connection with God and the angels to be ready and equipped to tame, reverse, bound, loose, or contain that which is necessary until the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teach delivers the word. This is why it is important to invest in credentialing for this role. Don’t delay, see if you are eligible.