Prophetic Certification Refresher Course PCP

Prophetic Certification 5FC1000

Book Utilized

The 5-Fold ChristianCoaching Manual Series

The Person and Persons of God, Vol. 1


This manual offers students the opportunity to understand the practical aspect of THE PERSONS of God; Providing some insight into who we are within the earth and the vital role God plays in each person’s walk. The manual provides the full scope of THE PURPOSE based on general revelation and God’s plan of why a person is called to their role.  The goal is to provide clarity to THE POWER and proclamation of what the gifts of the 5-Fold serve. The idea is to give an understanding of THE PROVISION provided for and within each office. Course takers should have full knowledge of THE PREPARATION required to step into their role in ministry and to the body of Christ.

Course Completion Plan

Module 1: The Gift

Fold 1- The Person of the Prophetic Gift

Fold 2-The Purpose of the Prophetic Git

Fold 3– The Provisions of the Prophetic Gift

Fold 4-The Power of the Prophetic Gift

Fold 5-The Preparation of the Prophetic Gift

Length ____________________________________________ 1 Week

Module 2: The Revelation

Fold 1- The Person of Prophetic Revelation

Fold 2-The Purpose of Prophetic Revelation 

Fold 3– The Provision of Prophetic Revelation

Fold 4-The Power of Prophetic Revelation

Fold 5-The Preparation for Prophetic Revelation

Length ____________________________________________ 1 Week

Module 3: The Bible

Fold 1- The Prophetic Persons of the Bible 

Fold 2-The Prophetic Purpose of the Bible 

Fold 3– The Prophetic Provisions of the Bible

Fold 4-The Prophetic Power of the Bible

Fold 5-The Prophetic Preparation of the Bible

Length ____________________________________________ 1 Week

Module 4: The Evidence

Fold 1- Evidence of the Prophetic Person

Fold 2-Evidence of the Prophetic Purpose

Fold 3– Evidence of the Prophetic Provision

Fold 4– Evidence of the Prophetic Power

Fold 5– Evidence of the Prophetic Preparation

Length ____________________________________________ 1 Week

Clock Hour ________________________________________ 25

Credits ___________________________________________ 3

Nicole Sewell-The 5-Fold Ministry Wheel